Freitag, 9. September

Ab 15h

ab 18h
Dj: Vodnyansky
is somehow weird to describe. First you would try to pin him on the endless songwriter-corkboard, wouldn’t there be old thrashy blues, some uneasy shouting and rolling eyes, followed by picked folk-licks and some shivering melancholy experiments. In between he plays an old punk song from the 70s or tells a long story about nothing at all. He sings while finger clicking and clapping, throws the guitar on the other side of the stage, tunes again and makes some sweet noise. He starts dancing while sitting and moans in
an androgynous, catchy melody right afterwards. His words are all in one lyrical junk, from juicy countertales and absurd views of the inner self to scary stories everyone use to have. ANTCAR needs to be seen in perfomance, he is one proper load of strings and – somehow wearable – aspiration. (04/11, Nora-Helena Paul)