Amann studio session: Tangtype


Entgegen anderslautenden Wetterprognosen – das Konzert findet statt!!!

„Hören von der Musik von tangtype: Man geht an die Bar, von einem Drink zu nehmen, man vergisst zu bestellen und sogar der Barkeeper vergisst, welchen Beruf er hat.“ (Burkhard Stangl)

Julie Cambier und Jean-François Brohee kann man als Singer Songwriter Pop-Duo bezeichnen. Kann man nicht!: Experimentelle, elektronische Soundscapes, die Integration von Jazzelementen und das Pendeln zwischen atypischer und typischer Verwendung von Instrumenten wie Violine, Perkussion, Elektronik und Stimme erzeugen komplexe Klangreliefs, die verstören und gleichzeitig die Verstörung unterlaufen. Das Hören von der Musik von Tangtype: Man geht an die Bar, um einen Drink zu nehmen, man vergißt zu bestellen und sogar der Barkeeper vergißt, welchen Beruf er hat.

„On ‚Flake Out‘, the Tangtype duet invites us to a disconcerting and intense journey in the heart of their atypical universe. All along the nine tracks that constitute the album, Tangtype creates a contrasted pop with exploded structures influenced by jazz music, while reconciling electronic experimentation and melody obviousness. The listener finds himself immersed in a landscape with complex but accessible reliefs, raised by organic and watery flows, torned by glitches, shaken by sonic deflagrations.
Around these saturated atmospheres that neither Tim Hecker nor Fennesz would disavow come to join familiar acoustic instruments (violin, percussions) among which the guitar plays an essential part. The sweet and soothing feeling which results from the listening of ‚Flake Out‘ would not be complete without the presence of Julie’s voice, sometimes high pitched, sometimes distilled in a shivering breath. In the middle of atmospheres reminding sometimes Midaircondo, sometimes Davide Balula, Tangtype invite us to have a drink at ‘La reine du Sandwich’ by introducing field-recording or transportes us in the heart of the Konono n°1 tribe thanks to thumbpiano (likembé). No doubt, you won’t regret the trip!“(HMPTY)

„Tangtype are two people from the very worldly Brussels, who happen to make some of the most other worldy music you’re likely to hear. Should you happen to be a fan of such juxtapositions, the fun doesn’t end there. The band are made up of singer Julie Cambier, and musician Jean-Francois Brohee. The former is a vocalist operating in a form very much recognisable as that of her chosen profession; her melodies are warm and welcoming, her lyrics personal, she assuming the role of tangibility, the face and soul of the band. The latter meanwhile, takes quite a different tack. You could call him a musician, but this is perhaps too crass a label. “Spaceman” might be more apt. Conjuring a remarkable, mesmerising backing of flutters, washes and melodic twitches, Brohee’s compositions succeed in creating a record that amalgamates two entirely different kinds of beauty, something uniquely familiar yet refreshingly unknown. It’s the music that is the most rewarding aspect here, with such depth that it’s hard to get a handle on even after a handful of listens. As the proverbial “aural tapestry,” it’s quite something.Which is high praise indeed. But take the opening title track, with its digitised, jazz-inflected bass underpinning Cambier’s introductory croon. It’s dreamy, but disquieting, a minimalist lull before the electronic jamz are, metaphorically at least, kicked out. And kicked out they are, the album unfurling beautifully courtesy of a seriously lush production job. This is exemplified by ‘Don’t Feed Blue (see everything through rose coloured spectacles)’, with its mix of brittle acoustics and clattering, Müm-esque percussion proving to be particular highlight. It’s also emblematic of the records greatest success; that the music possesses so much lightness of touch, so much space and air in the arrangements that it almost sounds like a premeditated attempt to rebuff the idea that electronic equals claustrophobic (…)“ (Andrew Valentine – audioscribbler)